Tartinade de chèvre

La Fruitière

Tartinade de chèvre

La tartinade, avec sa texture fondante et onctueuse alliée à la touche légère du chèvre frais, est idéale à tartiner sur des toasts à l'apéritif ou pour accompagner des bâtonnets de légumes ou des gressins.

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Do you want to stock up on good things with your Tartinade de chèvre, and have your home delivered to the best craftsmen in Brussels? Here is the list of our businesses:

- Silvia Sciarotta (La Bella Frutta): One of the best futures in Brussels. A wide selection of fruits and vegetables of all kinds!

- Laurent Gerbaud Chocolatier SPRL: The rising star of Belgian chocolate!

- Mouchart & Fils S.A.: For nearly 120 years, Mouchart & Fils has been selecting and selling exceptional wines and spirits.

- La Fruitière SPRL: Cheese maker, La Fruitière will help you rediscover cheese!

- Cafés J.J. Looze SPRL: Belgian artisanal coffee roasting.

- Cokoa SRL: Tailor-made sweet caterer based in Brussels. A real workshop of flavors!

- Morais and McQuaide Sprl: Essential Irish butcher in the center of Brussels offering exceptional meats.

- AASHA Sprl: Milling, bakery, organic and naturally gluten-free pastry.

- Forcado SPRL: DISCOVER creativity that goes beyond know-how

- Jessica & Gaetano SPRL: The kitchen is run by 3 chefs who offer dishes, delicatessen, cold meats, cheeses and other delicious flavors.

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